Only 19% agreed with “Software is easily integrated with other systems”1 in a recent SaaS survey.

Now you can easily integrate SaaS with virtually any database driven application with a single server providing for the requirements needed to drive and support your SaaS app or IaaS needs.

In addition you can have the benefits of SOA and a world-class ESB automatically integrated with your SaaS app, applet or traditional application.

Vendor lock-in? Unityware integrates with only two classes and a few lines of code. Change becomes easy…

Our server helps with version changes by insulating the each piece of the application from changes in another. Even global database alterations can become easy.

Reliability is assured with all of the “heavy lifting” done for you by a fast and reliable server.

If “…just 2 in 10 respondents who use SaaS say that they can easily integrate it with other systems, imagine the differentiation of having very fast, easy and seamless enterprise integration.