Object Oriented Enterprise Service Bus

The Smart Enterprise Service Bus (S-ESB) lives within the Enterprise Data Pump (EDP). The pump is responsible for directing traffic and translating between data understandings1 at different points in the networked system.

You can almost view the pump as a network layer above the bus where the network packets are transportation objects

More than just a bus, the pump can cause dynamic translations2 between metadata and actual data. It can sense when a database has changed and then automatically issue new commands to update data in-memory or in a database. It can trigger events and automatically handle all of the database connections.

The bus acts as a virtual community consisting of applications, databases, external and internal clients. Each of the community members see the data landscape as a single context sensitive virtual database.


1. The context within which the data is to be used determines its meaning.
2. Change anything to make the data work in another location except the value.