There is a new way to automate which empowers teams, enhances collaboration and provides an engine for refining and improving business processes.

For decades, automation has been designed around the idea of data storage and retrieval.

In the current way of doing things, automaton becomes focused on specific issues or departments. Resolving those needs has the unintended side-effect of data-isolation (also known as information silos).

Automation Power

Synthia’s new kind of automation focuses on connecting the efforts of people into data-rich collaborative networks. People work together in a virtual version of “the same place” where the act of simple communication or collaborative effort automatically delivers the right information to the people who need to know.

Unheard of flexibility

Another break-through is that the system isn’t built on programming and computer code. The technology acts based on knowledge – which can be fluid.

“Training-in” new knowledge expands the system’s capabilities in the same way you would expect with programming but in a fraction of the time. In effect, the system can almost be grown in real-time providing a platform for refining and improving business processes.

Think about it; you no longer will have to adjust business processes to fit computer programs. Now you can implement systems to support the way you and your people need to work.

Single Screen

No more computer navigation, lots of mouse clicks or hunting data. Synthia’s new automation methodology has a side effect that obsoletes the need for traditional fixed computer screens. All information comes to the same place, in the same screen in the same window.

Literally, you don’t navigate software windows to find data. The data finds you.