Living Process Improvement

Synthia is deployed as a complete enterprise software application. An alternative to computer programs or programmed computers. Synthia is a “smart” application translating your needs directly into a working systems – without programming. In fact the system is smart enough that most of the traditional software development effort is simply eliminated.

Synthia is a platform which adapts to your business, processes and people. The system literally becomes the application and solution you need.

Synthia is a processes improvement vehicle which empowers consistent and persistent business process refinement.

New Definition of Automation Effectiveness

It’s not just that solutions come fast. They do and in a fraction of the time. The big benefit is that the resultant system is only the beginning. For the first time application software can evolve with need and experience.

Users expropriate becomes almost immersive as working a computer is replaced with an automated assistant aiding in your work.

New Definition of Unification

Synthia unifies disparate computers into a single, standardized data resource. Synthia also unifies people into a single cohesive work-team. Information access, data transportation and human collaboration are unified. People can focus on working together and getting the job done instead of working computers to access information.

When and where you have need

Solutions are deployed in days and weeks instead of months and years. New needs are translated directly into working systems through evolution support. It is not uncommon to be at the 5th version of the system in a matter of weeks from the start of your project.