Information Unification

Unityware has perfected the world’s first stable computer database unification platform.

Now disparate computers can be connected into a single source of information without communication based interfaces, vendor costs or, for that matter, installing anything on the connected systems.

Computers systems located in house or across town, computer application software crafted by different vendors, computer systems which are simply not compatible – can now act in unison. 

Common Thinking

Each connected system is translated into a common way of understanding the information. It doesn’t matter that system “A” has the whole name in a single field and system “B” has in five.

Synthia translates rigid data structures into fluid and standardized “understanding” which supports radically improved flexibility.

Unbelievable Stability

Connected systems become data sources. Software vendors provide regular updates. Those updates can change a connected system “breaking” the way a system is connected. The same is true for communication-based data sharing.

Unityware’s system can detect, correct and notify of changes as they are encountered. Connections are stable and they don’t break. Corrections are invisible to users and data isn’t lost. The community of connecting systems simply keeps working.