How would you be able to improve care if time delays caused by telephone tag or faxes went away?

Could physician effectiveness be improved if they didn’t have to remember to follow-up on things?

Everyone talks about how Private HIEs1 will grant access to data, improve the opportunity for Collaborative Patient Centered Care (CPCC2) and how ACOs3will add operating margin – and then assume that the automation tools that we now possess can be pressed into supporting true community-wide collaborative medicine.

The fact is that collaboration is still a manual process reliant on static or amalgamated historical information. Users have to go find what they need to know. Potentially navigating multiple screens or multiple source of information.

How could care be improved if collaboration itself became automated? For example, real-time consult requests, automatic referrals, real-time intervention collaboration or inpatient; automatic medical risk escalation – back-bone of zero error medical care – and integrated adverse event reporting.

It is now possible to automatically associate all medical communication with the appropriate patient records and see the progress of care in finite detail – at a glance. You can even notify the appropriate person of a result, make requests or handle other needs discovered in or between connected systems. You can get up and running fast – the system unifies desperate clinical computers without having to wait for interfaces.

There are ways to focus on the data (gaining access to a complete medical picture of the patient – HIEs) and to focus on the dollars (ACOs) but what about unifying the people with their actions and communication – the actual team-work of caring for patients?

Introducing the first fully-integrated accountable and collaborative medical community: Private-HIE + Patient Centric Care + ACO. In other words integrating information, people and dollars.

The first single screen system with global access to longitudinal medical records on which you can direct all aspects of medical care, include everyone on a single team and optimize your ACO in real-time.


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Patient care images curtesy of US National Library of Medicine

1. ACO / Accountable Care Organization
2. CPCC / Collaborative Patient Centered Care
3. Private HIE / Private – Health Care Information Exchange