Announcing the first HIE 2.0 platform you can have today

Industry analysts and experts agree that the next generation of HIE must bridge the divide between systems and between people. It’s not just enough to share data. The new environment must enable people to work together.

The secret sauce is in the technology’s ability to model community workflows and unify systems without interfaces.

All functions and medical information are accessed from a single screen on a single page. The system molds to each user resulting in a fully customized experience.

Fully integrated into a single screen providing totally seamless access to directing medical care, reviewing history, seeing results or communications. No need for pop-ups or navigating any screens.

No pop-ups? No alert fatigue? The technology uses a new approach to communicating with the user. The experience is more like being guided by an assistant.

Actions to initiate or respond are all automatically associated with the medical record. In fact most users are able to simply & immediately do the work they need to do.

Phone calls and faxes are replaced with communication. Orders and messages are collected simultaneously and delivered to each person (or machine) as needed.

Community-wide modeling breaks down the walls between facilities and creates a complete collaborative environment for each person in the continuum of care. It no longer matters if you are in the hospital, office or at home. Single screen access is the same. The system reaches out and gets the data you need.

One of the characteristics of the envisioned HIE 2.0 is the ability to reach out and get data on demand. Our Unification technology provides direct request access to data in disparate computer systems across the whole community.