What about cases where you have to use interfaces?

Not all HL7 interfaces can be obsoleted in today’s healthcare world. Between 48% and 90% can be eliminated. But what about the those interfaces you have to have?

Unityware has perfected a process that behaves exactly like an interface to a connected medical system but is really a flexible unification connector to our Unification Server.


Unityware’s interface emulator is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that translates interface messages into machine understood information. The process works in both directions and yields some surprising flexibility.

Normally, the idea of an interface is akin to striking a compromise between two immovable objects. Connecting two systems with limited ability to compromise leaves the whole job of data sharing to the interface.

Emulator is empowered by having to connect to only one system that won’t compromise. The other side of the connection can be our Medical Orchestrator.

The Emulator can adjust and correct messages to accommodate unexpected changes from the connected rigid system. That cuts the cost and maintenance of dealing with the interface vendor and improves the reliability of the complete connection. The Emulator even has a “baby sitting” service which issues notifications when hard failures crop up in interfaces on the rigid system’s side.


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