There is a larger picture then just sharing medical records

Did you know that it is now possible to empower medical collaboration and get health information shared as a side-benefit?

Private health information exchanges should be about empowering medical collaboration, helping to fill gaps in patient care, controlling costs and generating new sources or improving revenue. Sharing records should be just a side effect.

  • What if medical care could be orchestrated and medical information reviewed at the same time?
  • What if medical information could be shared quickly without costly interfaces?
  • What if there were a way to get combined medical information without having to navigate software screens?
  • How can it make sense unless it pays for itself?

If modern healthcare automation isn’t designed to maximize collaboration then shouldn’t the solution first address correcting the technology on which we rely?

Unityware can protect your investment in current healthcare technologies and expand that capability into a collaborative environment. Computers in the hospital, clinics and others can now be behave as if combined into a larger community system. Not only can you access information, you can direct patient care and collaborate between professionals. All from most any computer, tablet or smart phone.

There is now a way to help medical professionals become more efficient and effective by spending less time with automation and getting more from that automation.

Proactive Private-HIE

Information is shared via unification and made available through a single screen. This method has the advantage of collaboration and can pay for itself.

Traditional reactive Private-HIE

Unityware can also implement more traditional HIE models. For example connections via HL7 interfaces. Unityware has the advantage of being able to build a proactive P-HIE on the foundation technologies implemented for the more traditional information sharing model. It is also possible to mix models to accommodate more innovative institutions and those that implement only “accepted” technologies or brands.


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