Modern ACOs are diverse and place demand on technology reflecting that diversity. System flexibility is required to properly model the ACO’s structure and adapt to the differences between users and organizations.

Unityware adapts to the organizational model in finite detail. The same is true for the other levels where technology can be stressed by demand. The system can conform to individual user’s needs and adopt on-the-fly. Plus the user can customize their own experience. Organizational processes can be modeled to match the actual work enabling true real-time processing.

Accountable Care is integrated with unification technologies making it virtually transparent to the user. The technology follows Unityware’s philosophy of mitigating user navigation making it fast and easy.

Support for standardized studies can automatically create specialized databases to drive other tools. Accountable Care takes advantage of operating in a unified processing environment in addition to the expected data environment.

Success keys

Population health can be managed from the same platform in which you engage ACO professionals to monitor and guide care.

Unityware can inform key support and ACO guidance staff of the state of care, patient by patient. In fact those responsible for helping make the ACO a success can be integrated into the workflow – with automatic delivery of the needed list of patients and instant access to those appropriate records.

Account and Empower

Systems should not just report what problems did occur, they should also help guide users to best practices. Accountable Care supports the whole of the information cycle. Data is obtained and made available in a usable form in real-time. Stake-holder actions and interactions are available to all with a need to know.

Accountable Care does more than just pool data from all connected systems. It also provides real-time access directly to those systems making the system “future-proof”. New needs and changes in policy can be supported rapidly by the technology keeping cost down and effectiveness at the ready.

The system shares complete, actionable information using Unityware’s single screen access point. Uses can be involved in real-time 24/7 via mobile devices. Taking advantage of the information is maximized by being able to collaborate with other users. The system automatically relates the appropriate medical record with the human to human interaction.

Information can be massaged to support a wide range of studies. new data structures can be automatically populated to better support third party data mining tools. The system has no natural limitation on gaining access to which it is exposed in other systems. Making it as easy as possible to find more cost effective and complete practices.

Unityware is designed to optimize dissemination of information to guide clinicians in daily practice. The system naturally shares information as it is needed. There is even support for the system to predict and deliver sequential sets of information without the user having to navigate.

Team work

Physicians, medical support staff, case managers and administration can simultaneously engage the same patient. Information is updated in real-time and available to each stake-holder virtually instantaneously. Collaborative decision making is supported and accessed without having to navigate within the system.

Unityware gives case managers and care providers the tools to improve care with less time working computers. Existing workflows and practices which are working do not need to be changed. The system will conform to the people so the people do not have to re-learn their jobs. Investment in existing systems is protected and enhanced.