Work is underway to attach the power of orchestration, data-rich collaboration, data unification and other abilities with Cobbler Technologies' dynamic web applications.

Cobbler Technologies is releasing a new online service where users can expand their mission critical spreadsheets directly into working applications. The new product allows users to keep their spreadsheet with their formulas and get a full business application that is enterprise capable.

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Announcing a new web service that supplies Unityware technologies as a web service. The new service projects access to Unityware's technology as a web service via simple API calls. Now any webpage can be empowered with enterprise-grade application software without programming.

The new service provides all of the background processing and data access to webpage user access points (User Interface/UI).

The technology is available for license to power web-based applications in most industries.

Training and documentation are ready to go.

Patent awarded for data-rich collaborative and programmer-less transaction processing.
The new patent, US 1010902 entitled Database access and community electronic medical records system is the covers the genetic process used to process data without programmers or programs. The technology is applicable to any industry.