Smarter, Simpler Workflow Solution

Your software processes are critical to your business’s bottom line. You need a system that can both streamline process management and better automate your workflows and data processing. Your employees likely use many software programs in order to do their daily tasks. These programs don’t interface well with each other, which wastes valuable time and money.

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Increase Accuracy and Efficiency

Unityware delivers data to the proper person at the proper time, so no time is wasted seeking it.

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Change with Your Business

Unityware’s synthetic intelligence allows it to adapt quickly and easily.

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Reduce Errors

Unityware is connected to all of your software and processes, nothing falls through the cracks.

ONC Certification

Unityware’s technology has successfully been applied to multiple industries including the healthcare industry. In healthcare, the technology holds federal certification.

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With Unityware, your employees can work up to 20 percent more efficiently.

The system adapts itself around your company’s processes and
is always evolving.

Don’t Replace your Software. Maximize It!

We know our patented technology can help streamline your business processes and save you time and money. Call us today to discuss how we can build better business solutions together.