Brian Stack, founder of Authorgenics, is a brilliant fellow who has developed a completely novel approach to generating applications from high-level specifications………..Authorgenics technology is completely novel and substantive. It has demonstrated a remarkable capability to generate database/transaction style applications in Business Basic, interface to multiple databases, and create character-based user interfaces. Equally remarkable is its ability to generate reference documentation that is accurate and highly readable”.
Research Report by Dr. John L. Kulp, Jr. / MIT (reformatted)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

“:Authorgenics has an opportunity to capture a dominant share of these emerging markets, e.g., personal appliances, embedded systems, and other non-traditional systems”.
Research Report (reformatted)
International Data Corporation (IDC)

Former Gartner analyst:
“A paradigm shift involves the wholesale replacement of existing infrastructure and its associated vendor positions and buyer behaviors by a new infrastructure, a new vendor, and new buyer behaviors.  Authorgenics has the potential to be a paradigm shifting technology in the field of applications development”.
Bernd Harzog Report, Investor Analyst (reformatted)

Case Studies

Coulter is the leading manufacturer of medical laboratory blood testing equipment.

New product line was in jeopardy due to unforeseen control software requirements and any opportunity for solution was on a dwindling, unrealistic timeline (competitive development bids specified 36 man-months for completion).

Robotics and medical modalities needed to be centrally controlled and scheduled.

Required single application that seamlessly integrated all medical modalities from various manufacturers into a one cohesive system.

Designed, built and documented a robotics/process control/communication software system to be deployed in hospitals’ life-critical specimen labs.

Successfully designed, built and deployed a fully operational system in two-weeks using new patented software generating technology.

Right now, specimen labs in hospitals around the world still rely on this same technology which was built by Brian Stack and Roger Smeds of Unityware.


Unityware is a breakthrough beyond the earlier patented works described above.  Unityware’s technology comes from a linage of hospital success and is now ready to build upon that experience in the hospital market.  Unityware is poised help the medical industry cut significant costs, save development time, reduce errors, speed systems integration, and deliver top quality care safely and effectively to the patients.