Business Philosophy

We believe that focus and tenacity are the cornerstones of good business practice using clearly defined goals and objectives driven by our experience in addition to market and technology research.


We believe that people support people and technology supports technology. In other words, there is something that needs to be fixed if you need help making technology work. Advanced technology monitors and corrects problems leaving our support staff free to help users get more value from the system.

Our support staff works to learn and share best practices and ways to do the job better. The team’s focus is to share knowledge and skill, guide and teach.

This proactive approach to support addresses little issues before they become problems leaving staff free to help you. There is no “ticket” system. It is normal to get access to an expert quickly.

If you look inside our technologies you will find that we practice what we preach.

  • Our products meets the highest standard of quality and consistency from design and documentation to implemented software systems
  • Program code and architecture also are driven by documented standard
  • We are driven to set the bar for world-class technology in function, reliability and usability
  • Recent National Institute for Standards and technology (NIST) study ranked our products at 97% user satisfaction

Apply for access to our Research and Development Lab and compare completed technology to stated standard – but be prepared to be impressed.


We are committed to:

  • Making the tools needed to help users accomplish their jobs without getting in the way
  • Assuring that our technologies help and augment the user by adding skill and knowledge to act as an assistant
  • That our products empower data rich collaboration in order to mold a single virtual team from all the participants in an enterprise of integrated community