What does Unityware do?

We create new kinds of technology that go beyond interoperability to include the systems as well as the people.  What if you could…

  • Enable data-rich collaboration with every staff member inside your enterprise?
  • Empower collaboration between your enterprise and industry partners?
  • Provide information to those with a need to know – automatically?
  • Access records and orchestrate business processes using only one screen?
  • Unify disparate computer systems into a stable and self-healing source of data?


Sharing information from disparate computers is just the starting point needed to energize business processes. The objective is to empower every contributor and stake-holder – and perfect your collaborative team. That means breaking-down communication barriers at all levels. Yes indeed, getting easy access to the complete information picture is required. Sharing data is a prerequisite for collaboration – not the complete solution in itself. 

Change the rules: implement collaboration and get ubiquitous data sharing as a side effect.

Unityware’s has perfected a family of new kinds of technologies that transform teams, organizations and communities into cohesive, collaborative teams. We have a history of building and patenting Technologies that change the rules, obsoleting concepts and methodologies from which modern problems arise. 

Our new technologies unify the efforts of people, control of dollars and access to data (the machines) within a single cohesive environment. Unityware adapts to each individual, the processes within and between institutions. We get around the need for traditional application-layer interfaces and related problems, empower collaboration of technologies and connect people and their efforts. 

The roots and research date back 3 decades earning industry accolades and patents along the way. Recently we have introduced the newest and most direct application which removes barriers between systems providing rapid and dynamic adaptation of systems.

  We get computers out of the way of people and software out of the way of computers.  

Unityware provides flexibility and expandable capabilities beyond that of traditional programmed computers. Users can enjoy growth in capability 1094% faster than with programs – without adding “bugs.”

Improvements can be implemented without interruption. Hard-coded screens are replaced by a single informational portal. The data a user needs displays automatically without having to navigate screens, pop-ups or multi-page tabs.

Unify business or production communities

Wouldn’t it be easier to use software that can see the whole picture, that can link disparate systems looking at the whole of the system and the data within?

Unfortunately, that type of software technology has never existed…..until today.

We have been hard at work since 2000 creating an alternative to programming a computer. New technologies that are intelligent and robust enough to allow it to quickly and efficiently unify different systems no matter how they were created or what standards they are built upon.

Unityware’s technology is a game-changer, going beyond software that we designed, patented, and successfully deployed in the past, (two previous profitable companies, one of which we took public). Our founder’s former company was successful in profitably selling similar technologies, using the same business model, into the same industries.