Unityware has a history firmly anchored in successful research and development.

Our mission is to remove the impediments of evolutionary software development by re-thinking or re-inventing accepted methodologies and technologies.

For example; users should be able to easily customize their experience and tell the system how they need to get things done. Changing workflows or virtually any mechanism of how a system works should be under the control of the system’s owner.

The problem is two-fold; 1) Unifying computers and 2) Unifying the things that people do. That includes data across multiple medical systems and the processes of human interaction between people.

There must be something amiss with an assumption made along the way. In fact this is true, we have found out why, and its more than an issue of improving the management of programmers (developmental governance).

Here to stay

Unityware was started with private funds in 2000 and continues to be debt-free today. Our background and private resources give us the strength to continue steadfastly with intense R&D.

Outrageous claim

Unityware’s new technology products are designed to obsolete computer programming as a means to deliver applied automation.

The family of (patent pending) technologies work together to access data without any system navigation and unify the information locked in disparate computer systems.

Unityware products create a natural environment that conforms to the natural flow of virtually any medical task anywhere in the community. Users find themselves in a collaborative processing environment in addition to the traditional computerized information environment.

Data from multiple systems can actually find the user instead of the user having to find the data. Quite an outrageous claim indeed!

Want to see it work?